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My services as your car concierge – the hat box

It doesn’t always have to be fetching, bringing or buying an automobile that makes my job so diverse.

One Friday evening, around 8:30 pm, I was sitting relaxed on the couch in the living room, a customer called: “Hello Stefan, how are you? Say, are you flexible and spontaneous?” This last question was purely rhetorical because he knew me and knew that I can be very spontaneous. On my “Yes, what can I serve?” came the following story:
His wife, a daughter and he were traveling from Vorarlberg to a very fine wedding in a small town in Lower Austria on the Danube, approx. 480km away. Black tie was the dress code for the wedding, with everything that goes with it, including hats for the ladies. And then exactly the mishap happened: The lady of the house had forgotten her hat box on departure! In it her daughter’s hat and her own. And the worst: she was a maid of honor, which was unthinkable without a hat! He asked if I would deliver the hat box later. To my counter-question “When?” The answer was “Right now, because the wedding starts tomorrow morning!” Another daughter would be waiting for me at their home with the hat box and food. I should take one of his cars as I knew where the car keys are. He would reserve a room for me on site so that I could rest before my return trip. Such crazy actions were exactly mine!

I dressed myself for going out, packed a toothbrush, drove to the family property, picked up the a hat box, drinking water and a car and started around 9:30 p.m. using the GPS in a fully fueled car.

I made good progress on a relatively low-traffic route at night and ended up tired at the destination around 2:00 a.m. My attempt to reach my customer by phone failed. He’s got a good night’s sleep, his wife told me later. I had received instructions and photos via WhatsApp on how to get a front door and room key in a pizzeria with room rental and where I could have my breakfast in the morning. What an exciting night!

The next morning at around 7:30 a.m. I delivered the hat box to a happy customer and maid of honor, said goodbye with best wishes for a beautiful wedding and made my way home to Vorarlberg, not without a hearty breakfast directly on the Danube enjoy.

A few days later my customer said: “Stefan, if I include you, these were the most expensive hats I have ever bought. But you were THE topic of conversation at the wedding! “

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