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Dream car the 1st, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Countryman

For a few months now I have had the privilege of brokering a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II with the “Countryman” option on behalf of a customer. This beautiful classic car was first registered in England in 1959 and came to Austria in 1999. A cellist in a symphonic orchestra bought this beautiful toy. In 2014 he gave the Rolls Royce to a musician colleague, the current seller, as a present. This story alone is already emotional because before the donation he suspected that he would die soon. He knew his treasure was in good hands.

After several months without any specific prospective buyers, a Dutch person contacted me by e-mail in November 2020. He was very interested, we exchanged pictures and data, but he couldn’t make up his mind. The Silver Cloud was still on store. Until January 2021.

An English collector was impressed by the vehicle and its history. We signed a pre-contract online and he made a deposit because he wanted to see the Rolls live. Finally sold!

Almost at the same time, the Dutchman from last November contacted me again. Would the Silver Cloud still be available? This exact model with the “Countryman” spec was his dream car and he really wanted it. He sent me a photo of exactly this Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Countryman as a model car, even in the same color! He is a young man who has been a Rolls Royce fan since his 20th birthday. Although he did not own a classic car, he was a member of the Rolls Royce Club of Holland, and even on the board of directors! I explained to him that the car had been sold, but he asked me to ask the Englishman to withdraw from his purchase. I contacted the Englishman, explained the situation to him and, what can I say, he withdrew from the purchase. That’s what I call character size, to make someone else’s dream come true and to dispense.

The Dutchman was happy, I was happy, and it was my freight forwarder’s job to deliver the car to Holland. He set out on a Saturday in February and brought the Silver Cloud safely to Holland. How great was the joy of the new owner! He finally had his dream car. 

On Sunday afternoon, the doorbell rang at my front door. In front of it my forwarding agent was standing with a large box labeled “Stefan – Auto Concierge”. He was asked to hand it over to me by the buyer. I opened the box and found a selection of Dutch specialties such as cheese, beer, waffles and biscuits as a very personal thank you. Enclosed was a letter in which he thanked me for making his dream come true. I was overwhelmed and excited, just like my girlfriend, who had been given such waffles by the Dutch over a year ago on vacation and they tasted wonderful. We had a supplier! 

In the meantime, some kind of friendship has developed, although we have only known each other from emails and the phone. “My Dutchman” knows about my girlfriend’s fondness for Dutch pastries. Recently a small box came in, this time addressed directly to my girlfriend, with speculatius from Holland.

We have agreed to visit the Netherlands as soon as it is possible to travel again. “We’ll all drive the Rolls Royce together,” said the proud owner.


  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Countryman
  • Year of construction 1959, 6.2l V8 engine with “sufficient” power
  • “Countryman” equipment with a.o. sunroof with wind deflector, foldable rear seats, foldable passenger seat for bed function, 4 whiskey bottles, 4 crystal glasses, thermos, …
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