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His father´s car

Some time ago we sat together in good company on our monthly Lions Club evening after the official part. The round table was set up a little differently than usual and at some point, as is so often the case in men’s rounds, the conversation turned to cars.

They pretty much knew what I was doing for a living and I was asked what was going on. I told about various vehicles that I am currently able to sell, including a Jaguar Mk 2 that belongs to a man from our area. The other person said that his father also owned a Mk 2 in the 70s, a beautiful car that he fondly remembers. He remembered that the Jaguar stood in the garden for a long time and was not used. He thought that he knew who owned the car at the moment and that, if he had the opportunity to buy back his long late father’s old Jaguar, just as he had done with a Mercedes, also from his father’s previous possession, he would.

When he said the name of the current owner, I had to smile. This is exactly the car that I was able to convey! I told him this was the car I have on offer. To his incredulous astonishment, we reconstructed the history of the car and after unraveling a small difference in our two perceptions of the history of the car, we were sure that we were actually talking about his late father’s former Jaguar Mk 2. We spontaneously agreed to view the piece of jewelery.

It was an emotional moment when he saw the car, took place behind the wheel and could remember the smell of the leather. Yes, he sat on that back seat as a little boy. I could tell that he was in love with this car. We did a test drive, clarified some details and parted with an oral agreement to buy. He wanted to go over the whole thing with his wife to see how she would react.

Well, her response has been a great support for his dream of getting this, his father’s car. We sealed the purchase and drove to his house together, where his wife and the couple’s best friends were waiting for us. The car was given a dry, well-ventilated garage space and has been part of the life story of a Lions club colleague and friend ever since. Like father, like son, they both move with style and sportiness.

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