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Winterizing your classic car - tips from the car concierge

We classic car enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting good weather, are in a privileged position. We are allowed to drive our beautiful cars in the wild and enjoy something that we are denied in everyday cars: We enjoy our homeland with all our senses! On leisurely drives around the Ländle, we see, hear, smell and feel what a paradise we live in. Whether it's birdsong, fragrant cowsheds or bumpy roads, we are connected with nature.

Before that, we should get our vehicles into a condition that will ensure a carefree time throughout the season. So get out of hibernation and check the fluids, air pressure, brakes and lights. Also think about plug connections and seals! Now there is still time to rectify any faults and have a lubrication service carried out if necessary. Are the on-board tools, spare parts and the obligatory fire extinguisher on board? Are the cap, bandana and sunscreen within reach?

Finally, we polish the last specks of dust and our greasy fingers off the paintwork and enjoy our piece of jewelry. I can just see her satisfied smile... So we plan our first trip, with a stop at a friendly inn, alone or in convoy, and enjoy what my wife likes to call a "little vacation in between". Have I forgotten anything?
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